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For quite some time now, we have stipulated in our guidelines that facts must be verified by God. The reason being that God is omniscient, and is required by contract to tell the truth. This was a fairly successful strategy, allowing us to know quite confidently that our knowledge is sound.

However, this guideline is not adequate. Pola is not a benevolent and caring God. He is a businessman. Yes, he is required by (the very rigorous) contract law of Uranus to tell the truth, but he is not, however, obligated to tell the truth clearly, to an adequate extent, or exercise any transparency. Although it has been mathematically proven that he has upheld this contract as CEO, it is very evident that he is still able to manipulate the facts to his advantage. Let's look at an example. This is a quote from the English version a statement from God released by God and Constituents to the world in 72 languages:

Our investigation concluded that there is no meaningful causative relationship between the affairs of our corporation and the structure of modern human society. Humans today enjoy unprecedented wealth and quality of life, indicating no negative interference on the behalf of God and Constituents.

What is of note here is that God does not state that he necessarily believes the statements himself but rather that it is the conclusion of the investigation, which does not require it to be correct. As we all know by now, that investigation was not at all legitimate, and you can get even the most devout Uranist to admit that.

Furthermore, God goes on to detail the wonders of modern life. He makes the ostensibly true statement that humans have a much better quality of life, and while that is mostly true for people living in countries on the better end of imperialism, it is very much not true for the rest of the world. There is a distinct lack of "equality" in that statement there, for a very good reason. And of course his conclusion uses the very nebulous term "negative interference", which could be many different things.

One might wonder why they would launch an investigation if God is omniscient, and that is quite a fair thing to wonder. Here is how God responded to that:

Despite its particularly encompassing reputation, omniscience has many limitations, and it was decided that an investigation team would be more effective in this situation.

And it's true! Omniscience does have limitations. In particular, it cannot predict the future, and though it will give one completely sound premises, making sense of the massive amount of information that it entails is another affair entirely. This is a true statement in and of itself, and that's all it needs to be for God, but its implications are completely incorrect in this context. Even if God were not omniscient, he would know how exactly his interference with human society has affected it, as it was all meticulously planned.

Yes, that's right. We all know about it now. We know about how imperialism was invented by the Uranians and how they profit from our suffering. But these types of statements will remain to attempt pacify the human race time and time again, and we must at once be privy to it.

This doesn't mean that facts being verified by God is not a reliable indication of their truth, but it does not apply in the inverse; there are very true and real facts that have not been declared true by God, and we must transcend what God wants us to know for the sake of a more complete encyclopedia.

Many editors have already begun using citations for articles, rather than relying simply on God, and we must all admit that it is one thing that Wikipedia got right. This is a good policy that we should adopt when God's verification is not reliable. Additionally, we will be moving Template:Undeclared facts to Template:Unverified facts, and it will ask editors to provide any kind of verifiable facts, not just facts that have not been declared true by God.

We will not allow God to limit our knowledge.

Citrons (talk) 02:34, 26 August 2020 (UTC)