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God 2004.jpeg
God in 2004 CE

Net worth785.67 * 10 ^ 569 Shekels

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God is a Uranian businessman and academic who is the founder and current CEO of God and Constituents[1], a Uranian business conglomerate known for monitoring the progress of humanity. God is also well known as the inventor of God's numerals and the subsequent axiomatization of the universe, both of which are used by God and Constituents as part of their core business model.

According to God himself, he is not any kind of supreme being or deity.[1] Although there are a number of cults and religious orders (clustered mainly on and around Earth) that claim to worship him, none of these have any known factual basis to their belief system. However, due to God's level of political and economic power on both Uranus and the surrounding Universe, it can reasonably be said that God's affairs now influence the structure and physical properties of the universe itself.[2]

God is also known for the invention and subsequent deployment of God's death train to Uranus in 1811.[3]


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