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mero qalusste
Pronunciation['meɹo 'ŋaɰusːte]
Native toUranus
Native speakers
~476 trillion (2014)
  • Uranian
Early form

Uranian is the official language of Uranus and is the language spoken by God. Uranian developed from the language of God's mother and is a sister language of Sanskrit. Due to the near infinite life expectancy of the primary speakers of Uranian, Uranian experiences change over much longer periods of time.

There are very few known Uranian speakers on Earth. This is likely due to strict Uranian regulations concerning materialization on Earth. More recent limitations include ULTRAFRENCH speakers. Uranian speakers cannot exist within proximity of ULTRAFRENCH speakers without creating instability in the fabric of the Universe.


Compared to the languages of Earth, Uranian has an extremely regular phonology.

Labial Alveopalatal Velar
Voiced Plosive /b/ ⟨b⟩ /d/ ⟨d⟩ /g/ ⟨g⟩
Voiceless Fricative /ɸ/ ⟨f⟩ /s/ ⟨s⟩ /x/ ⟨h⟩
Nasal /m/ ⟨m⟩ /n/ ⟨n⟩ /ŋ/ ⟨q⟩
Approximant /β̞ / ⟨w⟩ /ɹ/ ⟨r⟩ /ɰ/ ⟨l⟩
Geminate Voiceless Fricative /ɸː/ ⟨ff⟩ /sː/ ⟨ss⟩ /xː/ ⟨hh⟩
Voiceless Affricate /pɸ/ ⟨pf⟩ /ts/ ⟨ts⟩ /kx/ ⟨ch⟩
Voiceless Aspirated Plosive /pʰ/ ⟨p⟩ /tʰ/ ⟨t⟩ /kʰ/ ⟨c⟩
Front Central Back
High /e/ ⟨e⟩ /o/ ⟨o⟩ /u/ ⟨u⟩
Low /a/ ⟨a⟩